Video of Workaholic Bride Still Working on Laptop during Wedding Goes Viral

Weddings are among the most important moments in a person’s life, but one bride recently went viral for still working on her laptop during the wedding! It seems that for this woman, work comes first. Is she the most workaholic person in the world? Whew!

In the video that has gone viral on Twitter, the bride could be seen tapping intently on her laptop and does not even acknowledge the groom who appears to be so frustrated as he watched from her side.

But the woman is busily working on her laptop during the wedding, leading many netizens to create memes and jokes about her being so workaholic to nearly miss her own wedding.

If you think you are under work pressure then watch this… via WA @hvgoenka,” wrote Dinesh Joshi. @dineshjoshi70 as he shared the video on his Twitter account.

The video has gone viral, with many netizens saying that they will no longer complain when their boss gives them extra work. What could be worse than having to bring so much work even to your own wedding, huh?

Photo credit: Dinesh Joshi. @dineshjoshi70 / Twitter

Some netizens also joked that the groom seems to regret marrying his bride because she will surely be a workaholic at home, too. After all, if she can’t spend the entire wedding totally devoted to him with so many guests around because work comes first, surely it would be much worse at home. Ouch. Poor groom…

Ha ha ha. Heights of work pressure. This guy might be thinking that he have to do work of home as his wife would be busy in Work From Home,” one netizen wrote.

Tell me that she is working on Corona Vaccine, only then I can understand!” another commented.

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