Video of Gorilla-Like Bird Scares Netizens, Makes Everyone Wonder Where It’s From

Birds, crows particularly, and gorillas are two very different species; yet one crow recently went viral for looking like a gorilla – and the whole thing was even captured on camera!

Everyone is wondering how on Earth this crow looked like a gorilla and whether it was even for real. But the video clearly shows that it was a real bird, leading to questions on why it looked like a gorilla. After all, birds don’t go to the gym to get their muscles ripped, yet this one looked like it was a bodybuilder bird that turned into a gorilla.

Photo credit: Twitter / Keitaro (@keita_simpson)

The sight of the strange crow surprised Keitaro (@keita_simpson) who first thought that the bird looked like a zombie. He was standing opposite the stairs in front of Parco shopping center in Nagoya, Japan, when he spotted the gorilla-like crow ‘standing’ on that spot.

Though most birds stand on their legs and tuck their wings when on the ground, this strange creature had its legs still up and near its body as if in flight position while its wings were folded downwards in such a way that it appears to be propping itself on that step.

Photo credit: Twitter / Keitaro (@keita_simpson)

Could this be happening just because of the camera angle? It appears that this is not so, because a zoomed in view shows that the bird was really propped up there like it was a real gorilla, albeit a miniature one.

The gorilla-bird even appears to be enjoying its surroundings and had no idea at all, definitely, that it was already making waves on social media. Everyone was so baffled with what they saw that the video quickly went viral on Twitter.

Photo credit: Twitter / Keitaro (@keita_simpson)

It sparked a lot of jokes, with some netizens saying this small ‘gorilla crow’ could be an alien sent to Earth to check out its people. Others see a connection with zombies, as the video uploader first thought. Still, there were those who think it resembles Darth Vader. LOL.

Check evidence of the gorilla crow in this video:

Sources: The Epoch Times, Twitter / Keitaro (@keita_simpson)