Video of Dad Tricking His Kids to Eat Rice with ‘Hanging Tuyo’ Breaks Hearts

Amid the lockdown being implemented across Luzon and many parts of the Philippines, a lot of people have lost their jobs. That meant that many suddenly found themselves without enough money to buy food for their family.

Photo credit: Alejandro Devera Garcia / Facebook

While some politicians have begun providing some relief goods to these people, a few kilograms of rice, some packs of noodles, and a bit of canned goods won’t last a family more than just a few meals. With so many weeks still left in the lockdown, many parents are trying their best to stretch their very limited budget.

In a video that is both funny and heartbreaking, one dad tricks his kids into eating just rice with a ‘hanging tuyo’ as viand.

Photo credit: Alejandro Devera Garcia / Facebook

Alejandro Devera Garcia posted the video with his kids, feeding them rice while letting them smell the ‘tuyo’ (dried fish) he hung with a string from the ceiling. Explaining to the kids that they don’t have enough food to last until the end of the lockdown, he encouraged them to simply smell the ‘tuyo’ then eat some rice. That way, they could all still have full tummies even if they didn’t actually have any viand.

Tipid lang. Basta may kanin ok na,” Alejandro wrote.

Photo credit: Alejandro Devera Garcia / Facebook

It’s so heartbreaking to watch though the same thing had been done in some comedy movies and skits in the past.

Some netizens think he is just joking but others think it is the truth and that though he makes it sound like fun so his kids will enjoy their meal, this is actually the heartbreaking situation they have to deal with until the lockdown ends.

Photo credit: Alejandro Devera Garcia / Facebook

Many netizens praised him for his clever idea though it breaks their hearts to see the family doing this because they had no other choice…

Here’s the video:

Tipid lang Basta may kanin ok na.

Posted by Alejandro Devera Garcia on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kahit tuyo ang ulam kayang busugin ni kua ang mga anak nya yan si tatay,” one netizen wrote.

Pati bata nakakaintindi nrin ng hirap….Pero happy prin sila,” another commented.

Nkakalungkot pero good job sa inyo think positive po.. Need talaga mkipag-utuan sa bata para sila kumain ng walang ulam,” another netizen wrote.