Video of Brgy. Hall Confrontation Between “Alyas Linda” and Tata Alexander Goes Viral

Social media has been abuzz over the story of Tatay Alexander Gutal and Dimple Morcillo or “Alyas Linda”.

Everyone is happy that Tatay Alexander is bravely filing a case against “Alyas Linda”, her father and brother, her brother’s friends, and the recent addition of the e-jeep driver who gave her the go signal.

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Photo credit: Zolle Gupit / Facebook

But a new video has surfaced of the actual confrontation that happened at the barangay hall, as claimed by Tatay Alexander.

In the previous videos taken at TV5 with Raffy Tulfo in Action, Tatay Alexander claimed that the family of “Alyas Linda” added more bruises to his body at the Barangay Hall, despite the presence of barangay tanods and officials. It was also revealed that her dad used to be a barangay tanod, leading Tulfo to accuse them of siding with their ‘drinking buddy’.

Photo credit: Zolle Gupit / Facebook

As seen in the CCTV footage, the family arrived and did exactly what Tatay Alexander claimed. What’s sad is that they had a child with them – and the girl might be the daughter of “Alyas Linda”. Despite the child’s presence and later apparent fear, the family did not hesitate to do it to Tatay Alexander.

Photo credit: Zolle Gupit / Facebook

Remember how the mother had fainted after Tatay Alexander continued to refuse when they begged for his forgiveness? In the CCTV, it was clear that she also tried to give him a jab. Tsk. Tsk.

The barangay official in the video could be heard complaining a bit about being dragged in the mess and of Tulfo saying the girl’s father is their drinking buddy. But he also confirmed what happened at the barangay hall.

Photo credit: Zolle Gupit / Facebook

Netizens are now hoping that a clearer video will be released, one that would show another angle where Tatay Alexander’s face is clearly shown so this could be used as a better evidence in court. The plot thickens…

Photo credit: Zolle Gupit / Facebook

Here’s the video:

ALYAS "Linda" 😂😂Lumabas na video sa barangay! Nahimatay pa yun nanay mo keme sa Tulfo pero mananakit din pala dapat 😂😂 kaya pala more luhod kayo 😂😂😂PS "bastos si Tulfo" kaninong boses eto 😂😂

Posted by Zolle Gupit on Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sources: RachFeed, Zolle Gupit / Facebook