VIDEO: Kid Nearly Drowns after Pool Prank with Barkada Goes Wrong


They were supposed to be having fun but one kid nearly drowned after the pool prank with his barkada goes wrong.

In a video that’s gone viral on Facebook, a group of boys could be seen by the swimming pool. This was alleged to have happened at a resort somewhere in Davao City, southern Philippines.

Photo credit: 103.9 Radyo Bandera Bacolod

The CCTV footage shows a rather quiet and nearly deserted pool area where the boys were horsing around. Clearly a prank, one of the boys was even taking a video while the others were spinning one of their friends around.

They were clearly just having a good time as they spun the boy around several times, even helping him up and spinning him some more when he appeared to slump to one side. When they knew he was already so dizzy, they pushed him towards the swimming pool.

Everyone knows how a person can be so disoriented after being spun around several times. This could lead to problems in balancing and even standing up – and that’s on dry land! Imagine what happens when that person is in water.

Photo credit: 103.9 Radyo Bandera Bacolod

As can be seen in the video, the boy flailed around and tried to swim but was too disoriented to do it. Seconds later, he could no longer be seen on the surface. The friends were still laughing around, thinking it was so funny but soon realized something was wrong when the boy remained underwater.

Clearly, the boy in the water was already struggling to breathe and swim. The boys hurriedly jumped into the water but because the swimming pool was deep, they were not able to find him. They seemed to be the only ones in the pool area; thus, it took a long time before adults found out about the commotion and helped them find the boy.

Photo credit: 103.9 Radyo Bandera Bacolod

The kid was already submerged for several minutes in the water when he was finally found. They performed CPR and the boy was rushed to the hospital. It was a good thing that he was revived but he is still in the hospital, recuperating from the incident.

He’s still lucky to have lived after that ordeal, but parents are warned to always supervise their children even in their teens. Here’s the video: