VIDEO: Dad Cries after nCov-Positive Baby Begs for a Hug While in Quarantine

Netizens can’t help but cry as they watched the heartbreaking video of a dad who cried after his nCov-positive baby begs for a hug while in quarantine.

The novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) has affected thousands of people in China. It has moved to other places in the world as several travelers carried the coronavirus in their trip. What’s sad is that this has affected a lot of families, with parents not allowed to hold their children if they are diagnosed with the condition or placed under observation.

Photo credit: Huh_My_Rahhhhh / Twitter

But it is heartbreaking to watch how a baby looks so confused when he tried to hug his dad but couldn’t do it because of the glass separating them. The child is placed in quarantine after testing positive for the 2019-nCov. All his dad could do was follow the medical facility’s procedure and visit his child, checking on the baby through the glass walls of the quarantine area.

The baby happily greeted his dad, trying his best to beg for a hug but the glass wall separates them. Uncertain of the child’s future and also missing the kid so much, this dad couldn’t help but cry his heart out.

Photo credit: Huh_My_Rahhhhh / Twitter

Netizens cried along with him, especially when the child looks so confused as to why his dad did not give him a hug. Instead of the hug he wanted, the baby could not understand why his dad would turn his back to him. What the baby did not realize is that his dad is crying! The baby looks so confused and hurt, but netizens are also hurting for his dad, understanding exactly what he feels…

Photo credit: Huh_My_Rahhhhh / Twitter

Watch the heartbreaking video here: