VIDEO: Amid Lockdown, Penguins Go Viral for Taking ‘Field Trip’ in the Zoo

Amid the lockdown implemented in many places, tourist spots have temporarily closed down. And while so many people are panicking and becoming directly or indirectly affected, it seems that nature is taking a rest from human activities in a really good way.

In Venice, Italy, for example, fish could be seen again as they swim in the now-clear waters of the canals.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

While there are sad stories, such as the starving monkeys raiding homes for food in now tourist-free Thailand, having no visitors at Shedd Aquarium did a lot of good to some penguins in Chicago, Illinois.

Because the zoo is temporary closed off to visitors amid the lockdown, they decided to share videos and photos of their animals for ‘online tourists’ to watch. Everyone was in for a treat in a recent video shared by the zoo wherein some penguins were allowed to roam inside and take a ‘field trip’ inside the zoo!

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

It’s so cute to see the penguins visiting other exhibits in the zoo. According to the zoo staff, the penguins were extra curious about the fish exhibit at the Amazon area. We’re quite sure the penguins were thinking why they haven’t tasted these colorful, yummy-looking fish! LOL.

Some netizens quickly made allusions to the penguins of the blockbuster movie, “Madagascar”. Many were wondering whether these are just incarnations of those adorable penguins and whether they might just bust out of Shedd Aquarium soon! Wouldn’t that be so cute?

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

Check out this video and enjoy these adorable penguins taking a tour of their zoo: