VIDEO: Adorable Dog Stealthily Turns Electric Fan to Its Cage While Family is Busy

Dogs are known to be so clever. You can teach them lots of tricks! But there are actually some dogs that are so clever that they even teach themselves some tricks! Do you have a dog like that?

Netizen Yang Yu recently shared a video of an adorable dog that stealthily turns the head of an electric fan to face its cage while the family is buy doing something on the floor. The video has gone viral, with many netizens calling this cheeky little dog a genius!

Photo credit: Yang Yu / Twitter

Can’t believe this is a dog 😂,” wrote Yang as he shared the video.

After seeing the clip, we can’t help but agree with him. Could it be that the dog was actually a person in disguise? LOL.

In the video, a family could be seen busily doing something on the floor of what appears to be their living room. They were seated on the carpet, with the electric fan facing towards their direction.

Photo credit: Yang Yu / Twitter

A few moments later, their sneaky pooch opened its cage and quietly moved towards the electric fan, quickly turning its head towards the cage. Satisfied with the direction the fan is facing, the dog ran towards its cage as fast as it could. It certainly didn’t want to get caught doing a naughty thing!

What’s so hilarious is that this cheeky animal even closed the cage door to make it appear like it was inside the cage at all times. Surely, if the cage was closed, no one would suspect a thing and wouldn’t think he’s the one who turned the electric fan, huh? LOL. What a smart dog.

Photo credit: Yang Yu / Twitter

Watch this hilarious video: