Veteran Actor Eddie Garcia Accepts Gay Role, Reveals No Plans of Retiring Soon

He’s already 89 years old, just months away from turning 90 in May 2019, but veteran Filipino actor-director Eddie Garcia remains one of the best in the industry, no matter what role he is playing.

For the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), Garcia plays a gay role – and it’s really something that a lot of his fans are looking forward to. Known for being a versatile actor who could play any role he’s given, Garcia will play the lead role in Joel Lamangan’s “Rainbow Sunset”.

In the movie, Garcia portrays a retired senator, Ramon, who recently decided to leave his family to care for a terminally ill childhood friend Fredy, a role played by Tony Mabesa. It turned out that Ramon had always been in love of Fredy.

As the sunset of their lives approaches, Ramon finally found the courage to be with his real love even if that meant leaving his family.

His wife, portrayed by Gloria Romero, readily accepts her husband’s decision but their children are not willing to compromise the picture-perfect family they had always portrayed. Tirso Cruz III, Aiko Melendez and Sunshine Dizon portray Ramon’s children.

How is the family going to resolve this dilemma? It’s something you have to see in the movie…

Meanwhile, when asked whether he had plans to retire anytime soon, now that he’s turning 90, Garcia just laughed and revealed there’s no such thing in his vocabulary. He has no plans to retire.

Retirement? Not in my vocabulary,” the veteran actor insisted.

Acting is my profession. And as long as there are people who want to see me and producers asking me to be part of their projects, then I will continue doing my job … my craft.

Despite his age, Garcia said he can still keep up with the demands of the role. He also admits being on set invigorates him.

I get to visit different places and meet new people—unlike an office job, wherein you’re in the same environment every day. It’s not boring at all,” he said.

These days, he does have a set ‘cutoff time’ of 12 midnight but has no problem going beyond the hour, if needed.

As for his upcoming gay role, he doesn’t mind playing the character at all. It’s a challenge for the actor.

It’s just a job. I have done a number of gay roles in the past. The difference this time is that Ramon has a family, so the possible repercussions of his decision will be more complex,” he explained.

The message we want to convey is that a person’s gender is something that we shouldn’t question.

So, are you watching “Rainbow’s Sunset”?

Source: Inquirer