Vendor Studies While Selling Balut at Night, Inspires Netizens with His Determination

A vendor studies while selling balut at night, leading many netizens to express admiration that he is determined to study despite the difficult situation he is in.

This inspiring young man was spotted studying balut while selling near a 7-Eleven convenience store in front of the public plaza in Victorias City, Negros Occidental by netizen Vanessa Belonio.

It is clear in the picture that the young man is intently studying the lessons on his module while waiting for customers to come and buy some of the balut he is selling.

Photo credit: Vanessa Belonio / Facebook

Considering that students have to adapt to the so-called “new normal” by attending online classes or doing lessons through printed learning modules provided by their school, many young people are having a difficult time with their studies. But this balut vendor proves that nothing is impossible and that one could still study even while juggling time for earning money.

Thus, when Vanessa spotted him studying while selling balut under the dim light, she just had to snap a photo to inspire others.

I felt his urge to pursue his studies despite the situation he’s in. I was inspired at the same time, because I am also a student. I believe God will bless him more because of his dedication and I wish he reaches his goals in life,” she wrote on Facebook as she shared the picture.

The post went viral, with many netizens commenting that all students should have this kind of attitude towards their studies and that they should value their education. A lot of netizens lauded his efforts to adjust with the new normal.