UST Tigers Point Guard Spotted Working as Meat Vendor at Public Market

He’s the point guard for the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Tigers but Albert Bordeos surprised everyone after he was spotted working as meat vendor at the public market!

A lot of netizens were amazed that this young athlete would be working at the public market, but he impressed everyone when he admitted that he’s been doing this for a long time. Wow!

It all started when Bordeos was photographed working as a meat vendor at a public market in Pasig City. He was just doing what meat vendors normally do when someone spotted him there and confirmed his identity.

Photo credit: Esquire Mag

The photo went viral, but Bordeos had no idea! The family was just surprised and rather happy that their meat sold out quickly that day. It turned out that the viral photo helped a lot!

Since this is their family business, Bordeos has been helping out since he was still a kid. Even when he became a player, the young man did not change or let fame go to his head. With his feet firmly planted on the ground, he continued to help out at the public market stall whenever he could.

There is nothing to be ashamed of because this is the source of income of my parents. They sacrifice sleep every night just to support me and my siblings. When I don’t have training at UST or during off season, I go home to Pasig to help them,” Bordeos narrated.

On the day (the photo went viral), it was like we hit the jackpot. All our meats were sold. When I opened my social media account in the morning, I was surprised to see so many messages from people looking for me.

Photo credit: Esquire Mag

Everyone is amazed that this young man remained humble and that he’s helping his parents at their business so they can also rest a bit. Kudos, Albert Bordeos!