16 Reasons Why Uncles Are The Best People Next To Dad. #11 Is Epic!

If your dad doesn’t spoil you, who do you think would? I think you guessed it right, it’s none other than your Uncle!

They could be the coolest people on Earth: with a father’s affection and protective instinct, only more fun, more lenient, more permissive, and more ‘open-minded’.

Well, they might not be cool all the time but they certainly are bound to do things which our dads will never even show us. So again, cool, eh?

Source: i.imgur.com
Source: i.imgur.com

This uncle who’s definitely not going to see his nephew again. Ever! LOLOLOL!

Here are 16 times our uncles prove they are the best people to hang out with — well — next to dad. (LOL!)
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