UK Company Launches Bottles of ‘Fresh Air’, Products Sold Out Immediately

Just like in the movie “The Lorax”, an animated adaptation of the book by Dr. Seuss, a company in the UK is selling 500-ml bottles of ‘fresh air’! While you might laugh at the idea and think that no one’s going to buy that kind of air, the company gets the last laugh as the products were sold out immediately! Whoa.

Relocation website My Baggage used to just offer door to door luggage delivery and shipping services, but it has expanded to selling ‘fresh air’ with different scents that will remind Brits living overseas of home.

Photo credit: My Baggage UK

The company promises to deliver ‘fresh air’ collected from authentic sources, with options for Fresh Scottish Air, Fresh Irish Air, Fresh English Air, and Fresh Welsh Air. There are also products collected from London Underground, fresh mist from the summit of Snowdonia, and Fish and Chip’s aroma from Norfolk.

We wanted to help them [UK residents living abroad] reconnect with home and we know from published research that our sense of smell is very evocative when it comes to emotions,” a spokesperson for the company explained.

By allowing recipients to take a deep breath of the air from their home country we’re hoping to ease homesickness and help them settle into their new life, wherever that may be.

Photo credit: My Baggage UK

It’s quite amazing that the products actually got sold out so quickly, even if each 500-ml bottle costs £25.00 ($34 or around Php1,600). Amazing, huh? Perhaps it would be a good idea to also sell bottled air from other places of the world…