Twin Sisters Both Pass the November 2020 Physician Licensure Exams

Twin sisters recently went viral for both passing the November 2020 Physician Board Exams and becoming licensed doctors at the same time.

Charlaine and Charmaine Bautista, both 27, are from Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. The two completed their degree in medicine from Silliman University where they also graduated from the same pre-med course, BS Medical Technology.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / Charlaine Bautista – Facebook

What’s quite amazing is that when they took the Medical Technology Board Exams in 2014, the twin sisters got the same rating! They really do think alike, huh?

While there are twins who follow different paths, Charlaine and Charmaine chose the same course and have the same jobs. They revealed that it was Charlaine who had actually wanted to be a doctor even back when they were still young.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / Charlaine Bautista – Facebook

It was also Charlaine who chose to enroll in the pre-med course while the undecided Charmaine simply followed her decision. But the two would enjoy having each other as study buddies, sharing their ups and downs in the challenging courses they had to study.

Unlike my twin sister who knew from the very start that she wants to become a physician, I was undecided on what course to take. So, I followed her footsteps and took BSMT. By God’s grace, I graduated and passed the board exam in 2014,” Charmaine explained.

We both worked as medical technologists for 6 months. At first, I thought I wanted to work as a medical technologist abroad. But then, while working as a medtech, my heart and eyes were opened that I can still do more. I can be more. That was when I pursued medicine.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / Charlaine Bautista – Facebook

The twins moved to Davao City where they underwent their post graduation internship together. They also took the licensure exams in Davao. They narrated that they were both asleep when the exam results were released.

We were both awakened at 1 AM because of a phone call from one of our resident doctors, congratulating us for passing the PLE. We were both in tears, with hands trembling as we were scrolling the list of passers,” said Charlaine.

Until now, we still can’t believe it! We slept, and woke up already licensed physicians. God is good!

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / Charlaine Bautista – Facebook

Again, Charlaine has already decided on becoming a pediatrician but Charmaine has yet to decide what field she will specialize in. For now, the two plan on first practicing as general physicians but hope to apply for residency by 2022.

Congratulations, Dr. Charlaine and Dr. Charmaine!