Tulfo Makes Christmas Wonderful for Poor Japanese Man Left with Four Kids by Heartless Wife

He used to be able to provide for his family, with a salary of over Php55,000 but Hiroyuki Saito is now having trouble feeding his children after he lost his job – and his wife left him for an 18-year-old man!

The Japanese guy has to rely on the kindness of friends and neighbors so his children could eat. There are many times when they have nothing to eat the entire day, leading the eldest child to sometimes leave the house for several days so she could have food at her friends’ home.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Taking pity on the poor Japanese guy and his four kids, a neighbor told him to find help from Raffy Tulfo.

Through Raffy, he was able to talk to his wife, Rodina Tejima. But Rodina refuses to come back to her family, saying she would only take the kids. Raffy wouldn’t let her do that, especially after the kids all chose their dad over their mom.

Afterwards, Raffy gave Hiroyuki Php8,500 so he and the kids can have food and fare back home. He said that he pities how this family had to nearly beg for food from their neighbors. He was also surprised to learn that Hiroyuki had sold nearly all of their stuff, just to ensure the kids can eat.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Raffy was so touched by this family’s plight that before the Christmas break, he asked a reporter to visit the family and assess their situation. He was deeply saddened after the reporter told him the family lives in a very tiny house, with very little furniture. The water and electricity had also been cut off. There was no food inside the house.

To make this family happy for Christmas, Raffy decided to have their little home fixed, to pay for the rent worth 3 months, to pay for the water and electricity, and to treat the kids to a shopping spree.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

It was such a good thing to see the kids happy as they enjoyed shopping for clothes and toys – but they were more excited with the dining set and sofa the show also got for their home. Back at home, they loved the new appearance of the tiny house which now looks a bit brighter and more homey.The kids still wished their mother would come back home so they could have a complete family but realizing she might never do that again, they said they were content that at least their dad was always there for them all.

Photo credit: YouTube / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Thanks to Raffy, this family still had a somewhat happy Christmas even if their mother was not around. Hiroyuki even received a laptop from Raffy so that he could use it to find a job. The kids also got a new flat-screen TV and the eldest received a cellphone.