Tulfo Cancels Rent Payment, Groceries after Discovering Michelle’s True Nature

The online saga between comedian Super Tekla and Michelle Lhor Bana-ag comes to a bitter end after Raffy Tulfo angrily canceled the rent payment, groceries, and even the dental assistance he promised to give.

It can be recalled that the past days had been tumultuous for Super Tekla, real name Romeo Librada, after his live-in partner Michelle Lhor Bana-ag asked help from Raffy Tulfo in Action (RTIA). Michelle alleged that Tekla withholds financial support every time she refuses to sleep with him.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

But things came to light after it was revealed that Michelle is a ‘user’. Though netizens got mad at Tekla due to Michelle’s allegations in Part 1 of the RTIA saga, they would soon side with the comedian and asked Tulfo to stop supporting Michelle.

Yet Tulfo continued to provide support to Michelle, saying that he is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Also, Tulfo admired Michelle’s big heart to her family as she took six nephews and nieces under her wing, taking care of these minors because they have irresponsible parents.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

While both parties continued to deny the allegations that each threw against each other, they eventually agreed to an amicable settlement for the sake of their child. However, Michelle agrees to live out of Tekla’s condo, taking with her their child, her siblings, and all her nephews and nieces.

In Part 6 of the RTIA saga, Michelle asked for help from Tulfo so she could pay the rent for the house so she and her family won’t be kicked out. The rent is at Php3,500 per month; Tulfo promised to pay up to 4 months of rent in advance to help Michelle rebuild her life.

RTIA will also provide them with groceries. Moreover, Tulfo also promised to help Michelle get her teeth done because she is saying that having broken teeth is the reason why she can’t find a good job.

Watch Part 6 here:

Because the two had already settled their differences, Tulfo agreed that Michelle no longer has to take the hair follicle test, a test that can determine drug use for up to 90 days. But Michelle accepted the netizens’ challenge, saying that she will go through the test to clear up her name.

This actually earned Tulfo’s admiration and he really thought that Michelle is innocent as she claims. But just a day later, Michelle changed her mind – and her reasons angered Tulfo who finally saw through her bravado.

Tulfo angrily cancels the rent payment, groceries, and dental work. He didn’t also get swayed even if Michelle could be seen crying her heart out over the sudden change of fortunes… Watch the video here:

Source: RachFeed