Tourists Get ‘Free’ Unli-Breakfast after Copying Boracay Hotel’s Stamp, Brag about ‘Travel Hack’ on FB

In traveling, all of us certainly want to save some money so the trip won’t be so expensive. While planning the trip, many even search for travel hacks from those who were able to visit the place in the past and found a way to do it without breaking the bank.

Recently, a group of friends went viral for sharing a ‘travel hack’ that didn’t impress netizens. In fact, netizens slammed them for tricking the hotel staff into giving them free breakfast – and they even bragged about it on Facebook!

Netizens expressed anger at Christopher (name redacted for security reasons) and his group for copying the stamp for the unli-breakfast at La Carmela de Boracay. In doing so, they managed to save the Php350 fee for the meal, but put them at the receiving end of netizens’ anger.

On Facebook page Byaheng Budgetarian, Christopher detailed what travelers should do to copy their ‘travel hack’.

La Carmela De Boracay UNLI-BREAKFAST HACK! 

-Makakatipid ka ng Php350 agad-agad at sobrang mabubusog ka pa.

Tools: 25 cents and black ballpen/sign pen (kung wala pwede na yung pangkilay)

How: Gayahin mo lang yung pantatak nila. Di kailangang perfect basta maging visible lang na may mark ka sa kamay.

Effectiveness: 95% no sweat.

Note: It is my crazy idea and once lang po namin ginawa. Swear. #TipidMode #BoracayEscapade

Photo credit: Trending Pinoy Videos / Facebook

The ‘travel hack’ did not sit well with netizens who called out the trio, particularly Christopher for doing this during the trip and even bragging about it afterwards!

Many felt that the staff of the hotel might face disciplinary action from the management for failing to notice the faked stamps.

Moreover, many netizens told the tourists that while they would enjoy saving some money during the trip, faking food stamps to get free unli-breakfast at a high-end hotel is certainly not a good thing to do!

Other netizens pointed out that if you don’t have a lot of money for the trip, then it is best to choose a cheaper hotel and a budget-friendly restaurant instead of trying to fake food stamps to get free food from an expensive outlet!

Source: Trending Pinoy Videos / Facebook