Top 8 in 2021 Physician Licensure Exam, Also a Topnotcher in 2014 MedTech Board Exam

Jannie Leah Prieto Miedes of the Davao Medical School Foundation from Davao City, southern Philippines ranked as Top 8 in the March 2021 Physician Licensure Examination, garnering a rating of 87.0%.

Indeed, everyone is impressed with the feat, especially considering how difficult it can be to pass the licensure exam. But many netizens were doubly amazed after learning that Miedes did not just rank as Top 8 in the 2021 Physician Licensure Exam, she was also a topnotcher in the 2014 MedTech Board Exam! She ranked as Top 7 then.

The impressive new doctor shared that she did not expect to be among the topnotchers of the Physician Licensure Exam because she wasn’t even sure if she passed. When she took the MedTech Board Exam, she was confident she will pass but didn’t also expect to be among the Top 10.

I was pleasantly surprised! I really didn’t expect it! I was actually just praying to pass because I really found the exams difficult. I topped the boards for medical technology back in September 2014, but it was different. I didn’t expect to top that exam before as well, but I was confident enough to say I would surely pass,” Miedes shared.

Photo credit: Dr. Jannie Leah Prieto Miedes / Sun Star

Asked how she prepared for the licensure exam, Miedes shared that she studied really hard even back when she was still a first year med school student.

They say you should start studying for the board when you start med school. It’s real! Maybe even before that. You wouldn’t appreciate that statement until you take the boards. Because when the questions become difficult, not tackled in your review, pops out of nowhere, it will all come down to what you really learned in pre-med, med school, and in the hospitals,” she explained.

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After ranking in the Top 10 in two board exams, Miedes advised students to study harder but not for the sole goal of passing the board exams or even making it to the Top 10. She said that it is more important to study hard to prepare for the “real world”, especially as doctors who will fulfill their duties as medical frontliners.

Congratulations, Dr. Jannie Leah Prieto Miedes!