Tomboy Throws Pig’s Food at Own Mother Who’s Already 85 Years Old

An 85-year-old woman looks so pitiful after being photographed by neighbors after her own daughter, a tomboy, threw pig’s food on her! The old lady looks so sad and pitiful as her head and body were covered with pig’s food – her clothes were even wet and had lots of crumbs from leftover food.

Some netizens believe that her daughter must have gotten angry at her over something she did, yet everyone pointed out that no matter what old people do to try our patience, it is never alright to do this to them!

Photo credit: Willie Damasco / Facebook

It could not be denied that there are a lot of old people who can get on your nerves because of their stubbornness and pride, even if they are your own parents. Most of the time, old folks are unable to accept the fact that they are already too old to work or go out of the house on their own.

Photo credit: Willie Damasco / Facebook

Many of these old people have been so used to working, going to places, and living an independent life that it is really so hard for them to accept that old age is truly slowing them down. That’s especially true for those old people who are sick and have to depend on their children for survival.

With these challenges, a lot of caregivers and the old folks’ own children can get really impatient. But this should not mean that they have the right to harm the old ones for being stubborn. Remember that we were also stubborn and ignorant as kids, but our parents are the ones who were there to support and guide us through the years…

Photo credit: Willie Damasco / Facebook

Netizens are furious at the tomboy over what she had done and wished that the old woman can find a better, more loving caregiver to protect her in the future.