Told to Get Out if She Doesn’t Wear Mask, Woman Removes Underwear and Puts it on Face

Everywhere you go these days, offices and business establishments and even public transportations require face masks. A lot even require face shields as well. These protocols are in place, along with social distancing and frequent use of alcohol, to help prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19.

But not everyone agrees with these protocols, particularly those who don’t believe that the COVID-19 crisis is for real. Many think that they are too strong for the virus and don’t have to be told to wear a mask.

Photo credit: Sabrina Chiloane / Facebook

In South Africa, a woman at a Pick n Pay supermarket went viral after she took off her underwear and put it on her face amid a row with a security guard over her refusal to wear a face mask. Certainly, the security guard was simply trying to impose the store protocols against COVID-19 but the woman had slipped past them and had gone on shopping inside the supermarket, unnoticed.

At the checkout counter, however, a security guard warned the woman that she would need to leave the premises if she would not wear a mask. Considering that she had already spent a lot of time inside the store, picking the items she wanted to buy, getting booted off at this point can be such an inconvenience.

Photo credit: Sabrina Chiloane / Facebook

But the woman continues to refuse to wear a mask. As the security guard reminded her to leave if she wouldn’t wear a mask, the woman angrily bent over to remove her underwear. The shoppers around her, even the security guard, were confused about what she was about to do but were rather surprised when she used her underwear as face mask! Oooops.

While it wasn’t something conventional, though, another shopper to came to her defense and told the security guard that they can’t really argue now because the woman was now wearing a mask.

Photo credit: Sabrina Chiloane / Facebook

Personally, I find that acceptable,” the shopper told the security guard.

It is a mask. Quite frankly I think the bacteria on your knickers is less than on the mask. So well done to you. Brilliant.”


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