Told that Liquids are Not Allowed on MRT-3, Chinese Woman Throws Taho at Policeman

Under the directive of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), the Metro Rail Transit line 3 (MRT-3) management banned passengers from bringing drinks and liquids of any form inside the station and especially on board the trains.

This caused massive confusion and anger among commuters, yet they had no choice but to comply. So, security guards, policemen, and MRT staff have been taking bottles with various liquids from the passengers.

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But the security measure had angered one Chinese tourist that she threw her taho at a policeman who told her she could not bring it inside the station!

PO1 William Cristobal stopped the Chinese woman, later identified as Jiale Zhang, from entering with her taho at Boni station in Mandaluyong City on Saturday morning. She had the option to just eat that, of course, but she angrily threw the food at the policeman instead.

Photo credit: Facebook / Pau Mesias

Humiliated by the experience as he had taho all over his uniform, body, and shoes, the officer tried his best to remain calm even though his facial expression shows just how angry he was at the Chinese tourist. He exercised maximum tolerance, despite the fact that he could have done something at her out of anger.

For his impressive way of handling the situation, PO1 Cristobal earned praise from netizens. Many said that they would have slapped the tourist or did something to make her pay for her actions.

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But the policeman chose to follow protocol and did not think of himself. Instead, the woman was brought to the police community precinct in Mandaluyong City following the incident.

Photo credit: Facebook / Pau Mesias

A lot of netizens wished the Chinese tourist should have been made to clean up the mess she made at the station and to also pay the policeman for damages as well as laundry fees.

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Chinese, sinabuyan ng taho ang pulis

#TVPatrol Sa kulungan ang bagsak ng isang Chinese na nagsaboy ng taho sa nanitang pulis sa kaniya sa MRT. Nahaharap ngayon sa patong-patong na kaso ang babae.

Posted by TV Patrol on Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sources: InquirerFacebook / Pau Mesias