TL Laughs at Call Center Agent Who Got Promoted Even with ‘Bisaya Accent’

Comprised of more than 7,000 islands, it comes as no surprise that the Philippines also has a diverse culture with many different languages. There are nearly 200 languages spoken in the country!

What’s sad, however, is that there are people who laugh at the language and accents of others, thinking that their language is far superior just because it is used by more people! Tsk. Tsk.

Recently, a call center agent got promoted at work. She received a message from a former TL who had once been a mentor that she looked up to. But she was hurt by this TL’s message because this person laughed at her ‘Bisaya accent’.

In the convo that call center agent Dianne Encinas I shared on her Facebook account, this TL appears shocked that she got promoted despite her ‘Bisaya accent’. While the message appears to be a congratulatory note, it was filled with underlying meanings – and the emoji is just so hurtful!

Photo credit: Dianne Encinas I / Facebook

Dianne did not mention the TL’s name but she was so hurt over this former boss’ message. Who wouldn’t be, anyway?

Thank you sa message mo boss. Hindi ko alam pero parang naiiyak ako 😢,” she wrote on Facebook, sharing their short convo.

Hindi naman ako naging pabigat sa team mo nun. Isa ka sa mga mentors na hinahangaan ko pero parang ang sakit ng message mo sakin 😢 God bless po.

Many netizens commented that they are sure this former TL is envious of Dianne’s success while others pointed out that this is typical Pinoy crab mentality. Others advised her to just let this go and make the TL’s hurtful words as her motivation to do better at work…