Tired PGH Workers Sleep on the Floor While Still Wearing PPEs

Medical workers and hospital staff ideally use personal protective equipment (PPEs) to stay safe against the highly contagious coronavirus, in hopes of not becoming another statistic in this difficult pandemic. But wearing PPEs can be so difficult for them, especially because it can be so hot inside!

Moreover, the PPEs are designed to keep the wearer safe from contamination but such need to be replaced each time the wearer opens one part to use the bathroom or eat, for example.

So, many hospital workers end up sacrificing a lot to make sure that their PPEs are maximized! Not only do they work long shifts and tend to many sick people, they also have to hold their pee and not eat for a long time, among others.

Yet the medical workers are not receiving enough recognition! Recently, Sen. Cynthia Villar drew flak for her comment that medical workers need to do a better job amid this pandemic. This angered a lot of medical workers who are already overworked, afraid of getting sick as too many in their ranks have lost their lives to the pandemic, and they are not even paid enough for all their trouble.

Dr. Jay Almora shared a photo of tired medical workers lying on the floor, too tired to care that they are actually sleeping on concrete! Perhaps they actually prefer the concrete because it feels cool as their PPEs are too hot.

Almora captioned the photo with this:

Cynthia Villar: “Pagbutihin nalang nila trabaho nila. …kailangan i-motivate ang ating health workers para maging passionate sila sa trabaho nila”

Actual healthworkers (sa sobrang pagod at init ng hazmat suit, napahiga nalang sa semento):

Photo credit: Dr. Jay Almora / Facebook

The PGH Medical Foundation also shared the photo on Facebook showing the two PGH healthcare workers resting on the floor.

Two of our PGH healthcare workers resting in front of PGH ward 4. 💔 The sign to the left says ‘remain in your PPEs,’” the organization wrote, crediting the photo to Almora.

The posts both went viral, with most netizens expressing their appreciation to the health workers for their sacrifices amid this pandemic.

Virtual Hugs for the Frontliners 🤗 stay Strong 💪.. para naman kay Madam Senator, eto po sila tignan ninyong mabuti nakukulangan pa kasi kayo sa pagsisilbi nila kaya mas pagbubutihin pa nila trabajo nila…” one netizen wrote.

Tapos sila parin may kasalanan if they wanted change sa systema ng healthcare. Kayo pala magaling eh, kayo nalang maging frontliners,” another commented.