Tips to Help You Survive a ‘Bangungot’ or Sleep Paralysis

Bangungot’ is the Filipino term for sleep paralysis, a condition wherein a sleeping person feels awake but could not speak or move his/her body. Majority of people have experienced this at least once in their lives; although the condition has not been reported in children.

In sleep paralysis, many people often feel that there is someone in the room trying to kill them by choking them or pinning their bodies down on the bed – even if there is no one around, actually. This led to the belief that the bangungot is caused by evil spirits and mysterious beings.

There have actually been a number of cases of people dying from sleep paralysis, mostly because they panicked – leading to their bodies’ systems going overdrive and producing chemicals that harmed their bodies.

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Stock photo

Just in case you find yourself in a bangungot, the best thing to do, really, is to wake up! However, many of us who experienced this will tell you that waking up during a sleep paralysis episode is easier said than done. After all, your brain is awake and fully aware of what is happening but your body just won’t cooperate and really make you fully awake.

Here’s what you should do to survive a bangungot:

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