Thousands of Pesos Saved in Bamboo Coin Bank, Eaten by Termites

Saving money for the rainy days is always a good idea! But where you put the money in is an entirely different thing.

Someone who saved money in a bamboo coin bank learned that the hard way after opening the coin bank to find that all the money had holes in it from getting eaten by termites! Ouch.

Photo credit: Trendszilla

In the Philippines, the bamboo coin bank is a popular option for saving money because it is cheap. Bamboo is readily available in the country, particularly in rural areas; thus, it is a top choice as material for saving money. Plus, the bamboo coin bank can easily be hidden from view, leading many to use this for their cash.

While it is a good idea to save money, this person soon realized that the bamboo coin bank might not be ideal after all. Termites had eaten through most of the cash, rendering them unusable.

Aside from 10 pieces of Php1,000 bills, amounting to a total of Php10,000, this person also lost an unknown number of Php100 and Php50 bills. It’s really sad to see that whoever this person is, he/she lost a lot of money.

Photo credit: Trendszilla

Thankfully, the bills could still be exchanged with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) but it would be such a hassle to the owner compared with simply opening the coin bank and using the money when needed. Whew.

Some netizens also pointed out that the person is still lucky that most of the money was still intact so that the BSP could still give them the equivalent in new cash.

Others also said that it was a good thing that the money is still valid as these appear to be the new bills. In the past, there were many who kept a lot of money in coin banks, only to discover the money is good as nothing because the BSP had long demonetized their cash…

Source: Trendszilla