This Woman is Just 1.2 Millimeters Away from Snagging Record for World’s Longest Legs

Maci Curran, a teenager from Austin, Texas, currently holds the record for the world’s longest legs. But the second in line for the world record nearly snagged it with a difference of just 1.2 millimeters (mm)!

With legs measuring 134.5 cm from hip to heel, 29-year-old Rentsenkhorloo Bud from Chicago is just shorter by 1.2 mm to Maci’s astounding 134.62 cm. Thankfully, Rentsenkhorloo isn’t really after the world record and has no plans to contest the minute difference to outdo the teen record holder, saying that she’s content with her life the way she is – tall or short, record-holder or ‘ordinary’ girl!

Photo credit: Rentsenkhorloo Bud / Instagram

But she certainly isn’t an ordinary woman because she literally turns heads everywhere she goes. After all, her legs alone are almost as tall as a teenager as the limbs measures 134.5 cm or 4 ft 5 inches long! Whoa.

Her entire height is 6 ft 9 inches, making her taller than most people – even men! But you’ll be amazed to see Rentsenkhorloo still wearing 5-inch heels despite her already tall height. This woman really has amazing self-confidence!

Photo credit: Rentsenkhorloo Bud / Instagram

While many tall girls try to stoop or slouch to look shorter, Rentsenkhorloo holds her head up high and wears 5-inch heels to look even taller. She does not mind the stares and snide comments behind her back, knowing that people would talk about her unusual height.

Having been born to tall parents and being mostly taller than other people for most of her life, Rentsenkhorloo is used to it all. She welcomes questions about her height and does not usually mind having her photo taken with ‘ordinary’ people who actually look like dwarves (or hobbits!) when they stand beside her.

Good things come in TALL packages,” Rentsenkhorloo declares. “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Photo credit: Rentsenkhorloo Bud / Instagram

Born to parents who are also quite tall (her father is 6 ft 10 inches and her mother is 6 ft 1 inch), Rentsenkhorloo was already taller than most of her teachers by the time she was in Grade 6. The family hails from Mongolia but now live in the US.

I live with my long legs, and my tall height my entire life. So, I think it’s just a normal thing for me,” Rentsenkhorloo declared.

She admits, though, that it wasn’t easy to accept her height back when she was much younger but has learned to enjoy its benefits as an adult.

Photo credit: Rentsenkhorloo Bud / Instagram

When I was younger, I felt so bad because of my height. Some people made me feel uncomfortable, but nowadays it seems like I’m seen more as unique, so that’s why I feel so good. In the last 15 years, I started to like my height and I’m really comfortable with my body and also long legs,” she shared.

Many people asked me: ‘Are you a model?’ so I feel great when they ask me that. I do modeling part time, and I just started to work with one brand, which is leggings for tall girls. Being tall is beautiful, and you can look so unique from other people.

Rentsenkhorloo does have a number of challenges as a very tall person. Often, she has to be extra careful when walking because she could easily hit doorways and traffic signs since she’s much taller than average people.

Photo credit: Rentsenkhorloo Bud / Instagram

Finding clothes is really challenging. My shoe size is US 13 and you can’t find any shoes in Asia and even in Mongolia and Korea,” she added.

I tried to go shopping in the United States a few times when I came here, but I couldn’t find any clothes. I just try to buy some clothes online.