This Guy Makes Realistic Charcoal Drawings for Just Php100

Many of us know how expensive paintings or drawings can be, particularly if you commission an artist to make a portrait. But one artist in Biñan, Laguna, is making waves online for offering realistic charcoal drawings for just Php100! His artworks are quite impressive.

This artist, identified as Rhon Wayne Frndz, makes portraits using charcoal, but you will surely be amazed at his skill. Sometimes sharing the snapshots from which he based his charcoal portraits, it is clear that Rhon is a very talented artist.

Photo credit: Rhon Wayne Frndz / Facebook

He makes the drawings look like exact copies of the colored pictures, digitally changed to black and white! But the drawings are really something that he did by hand, not by computer or digital modification. He does know how to create digital drawings, but he is also a talented artist who can draw these amazing portraits by hand.

As Rhon offers his portraits for just Php100, he has attracted quite a lot of attention on social media. A lot of netizens are more than happy to pay more for the portraits, especially considering that he really makes excellent ones!

Photo credit: Rhon Wayne Frndz / Facebook

Many also urged the artist to collect a higher rate for his work, especially because his talent could fetch him as high as Php5,000 or even more, per drawing! But it appears that despite the many comments on his posts for him to increase his prices, even to just Php500 per artwork, Rhon does not have plans to do that soon.

Perhaps he likes to also make sure that his talent could also help even those who can’t afford to pay for expensive artwork but want to have a portrait of their families or loved ones.

Photo credit: Rhon Wayne Frndz / Facebook

Many netizens still commented that even if he would increase his prices, they would still be willing to pay for his art. With that, others said that they shouldn’t force the artist to increase his price but should pay him more, with the amount they think he deserves to get…

Sources: Rhon Wayne Frndz / FacebookBusiness News Philippines