This Guy Builds Mansion from Earnings in Gaming and Vlogging

A lot of people have this misconception that gamers are lazy and won’t ever succeed in life because they just spend most of their time in front of the computer, gaming. With success often equated by people to money, flashy cars, and big mansions, such things are something that people don’t associate with gamers.

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But one guy from Mindanao in southern Philippines is among those who proved that gamers are not losers as many might see them. In reality, there’s money in gaming – and it is actually big money if you know what to do or you’re just so lucky!

Photo credit: ChooxTV / YouTube

Edgar Dumali is a gamer who vlogs through ChooxTV channel. And while he didn’t actually dream of making it big as a gamer and getting riches in gaming, he was able to achieve that!

Photo credit: ChooxTV / YouTube

He is currently building his mansion – and the impressive house is something that’s so huge and amazing that it would really change your mind about gamers. With his earnings from gaming and vlogging while he plays, Dumali was able to build this amazing home – surely, gaming brings big money, huh?

Photo credit: ChooxTV / YouTube

Dumali shared that he already had another design made by a different architect but he thought that something was lacking. He found a different architect who was able to create the design he had in mind – and it’s quite amazing!

Check out this walk-through of his house with the realistic render created by his architect. It’s amazing, huh?

Here’s a longer video, with Dumali’s walk-through:

Ang Interior at Exterior Design ng Dream House | Vlog #5

Hi, mga prii…Ito po ang final interior at exterior design ng bahay natin na ni-re-design ni sir B-art Design.. Salamat po talaga sa inyo mga prii. Hindi po 100% maging ganyan talaga mukha ng bahay. hahahahaYong material kasi kulang kulang dito sa Probinsya. Hindi makapasok mga Material dahil sa Cov-19 kaya madami parin nabago dyan .hahahaha..

Posted by ChooxTv on Friday, June 26, 2020