Doting Dad Holds Stunning “Beauty and Beast” Photoshoot with Daughter

Every dad wants to give the best for his daughter; and he would do anything and everything in his capacity to make her happy.

This is proven by dad Josh Rossi, the genius photographer who owns Josh Rossi Photography. He calls himself “The Photoshop Dad” as he loves to put his kids into fantastic themes, including that of movies and popular shows.

Posted by Josh Rossi Photography on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rossi’s daughter loves to pretend she’s Belle from the popular fairytale, “Beauty and the Beast”. So, this dad found a way to make his daughter happy.

He ordered costumes made for the lovely girl to play Belle in the photoshoot. And who would be the Beast but this doting dad, eh? He also had costumes made so he could play the part.

Next, Rossi made sure to take photos and videos of actual castles to make his project more authentic.

Posted by Josh Rossi Photography on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

But the fun pat really began as the photoshoot started. Rossi’s daughter loves playing the part of Belle since she’s her favorite character; thus, it was easy to get her to act out the parts for the photoshoot. Of course, it helps that she’s quite adorable to begin with! The effect was cute and just exactly what this doting dad wanted.

Rossi made sure to photograph his daughter in various scenes and even had a choreographer help with the moves for the ballroom scene. This turned out well – and the photos were absolutely perfect!

What made the photoshoot great is that his daughter had so much fun doing it with Rossi.

When the final photos came in, Rossi had a poster printed out from the ballroom scene – and his daughter loved it!

Wouldn’t it be cool to do photoshoots like this with your kids?

Dad Holds Beauty And The Beast Photoshoot For Daughter

He made his daughter's Beauty and the Beast dreams come true! 🏰✨Credit: Josh Rossi Photography

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