Thai Actor Goes Viral for Working as GrabFood Rider During COVID-19 Crisis

A lot of people lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis, but many found a way to still earn money for their families by bringing their jobs at home or applying for a job that’s still allowed during the lockdown.

Photo credit: Instagram / @amp_pheerawas_k

Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn, best known as ‘Amp’, is a Thai actor who recently made waves online after finding a job as GrabFood rider during the lull due to the pandemic. Just like many celebrities, Amp, didn’t have any project due to the lockdown.

Photo credit: My Drama List

Though he is used to receiving high pay from endorsements and acting jobs, he thought about becoming a GrabFood rider after a pilot friend told him it’s actually a good-earning job amid the pandemic. So, he applied and quickly became a rider as there’s a high demand for food delivery with people forced to stay at home.

Amp pushed himself to the limit of his capabilities, accepting all bookings even when it’s raining hard. This earned him extra tips from happy customers – and many were quite excited upon realizing that their food delivery rider is actually a popular actor.

Photo credit: Instagram / @amp_pheerawas_k

Due to his perseverance, Amp earned 30,000 baht (Php48,000 or $940) in just 1 month! While that’s smaller than his usual talent fee, it’s actually a good income and much higher than what GrabFood riders usually earn.

The experience also became an eye-opener to Amp who said that he realized it is not easy to earn money. So, he will start saving money for the future. This unique experience also helped him make new friends among the riders and restaurant staff. He also said that he learned more about restaurants.

Photo credit: Instagram / @amp_pheerawas_k

Although he’s already a popular Thai actor, Amp said he’s not embarrassed that he became a GrabFood rider during the crisis so he could feed his wife and daughter. After all, although the work is physically difficult, it’s a noble job that earned him good money…