Teen Seeks Help from Tulfo in Getting Child Support after Policeman BF Marries Another Girl

A 19-year-old girl is being called a ‘mistress’ after her policeman boyfriend married another girl. The young woman sought help from Raffy Tulfo in getting child support from her ex-boyfriend, but the wife came to the studio to face her…

A jobless single mom living in Sta. Cruz, Manila, 19-year-old Melizabeth Salapudin recently went to Tulfo to help receive child support from P/Cpl Jomar Carranto, a 26-year-old policeman from Tondo, Manila who is now assigned in Maguindanao after allegedly getting into trouble with a superior.

Melizabeth claimed that when she met the policeman, she didn’t know he was seeing someone else. But he would later distance himself when she got pregnant. When she gave birth to her baby and asked for support from him at the Barangay, he signed an agreement to send Php6,000 a month but she later found out he got married to another girl.

Watch Part 1 of the story here as Tulfo praised this ‘palaban’ young woman:

The second time Melizabeth went to Tulfo, she was faced by Jomar’s wife, Rica Carranto. According to Rica, she was surprise to learn about Melizabeth, especially because her husband told her that he and this other woman had ‘special arrangements’ where he would pay her everytime they would go out, but they don’t have a relationship.

As Rica tries to defend her husband, Tulfo keeps on reminding her that Melizabeth might seem like the ‘other woman’ here because she’s the legal wife, yet the person to blame in this mess is her husband who acted single when he courted the girl.

But Rica came prepared to throw doubt on Melizabeth’s character, with evidence that she posts various stuff online and is looking for a new boyfriend…

Watch Part 2 here: