Teen Mom Determined to Finish Studies, Finds Help in Kind Teacher Who Took Care of Her Baby

A teen mom who was determined to finish her studies found an ally in a kind teacher who offered to take care of her baby so she could take the quiz.

It is a sad reality that a lot of teen moms end up not completing their education because of the stigma they face in school.

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

Many feel ashamed to go back to school for fear of getting ridiculed over the mistakes they made. What’s worse, a lot of teachers discourage teen moms from going back to school – and a lot of schools even expel these young students because they got pregnant!

That’s why Teacher Clariz Jane Lasala from Butuan City recently went viral because she showed support to a teen mom who couldn’t find someone to take care of her baby.

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

Because the young mom was determined to finish her studies, she still went to school with the child. Seeing courage and determination in what the young mom did, Teacher Clariz didn’t have the heart to turn her away from class.

Since she was giving them a quiz that day, the student asked permission to take it on another day because she was not able to find someone to care for the baby while she attends her classes. But Teacher Clariz offered to babysit the child, telling the student that she wants to show her support by being the one to care for the baby.

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

The teacher admired the student’s courage in bringing the baby to school, especially because she’s still a grade 12 student who might be mocked by her schoolmates for being a teenage mom. Because the girl is still trying her best to continue her studies despite her situation, Teacher Clariz said she readily volunteered to babysit the baby for a while.

Netizens were impressed by this kind teacher’s deed, saying that the student and her baby are blessed by her act of kindness. While there were those who said that she’s ‘promoting’ teenage pregnancy by ‘condoning’ what the student had done, most were happy that she showed compassion to this teen mom.

Photo credit: Clariz Jane Lasala / Facebook

Many hoped that other teachers would be as understanding and loving as Teacher Clariz. She truly made a difference in this young student’s life. Instead of turning her away because she has a baby, this teacher did her best to help out so the student could still take the quiz and hopefully still achieve her plans in life, despite it being a bit delayed by the baby’s arrival…

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