Teen Caught Speeding Cries Because Family Forgot His Birthday, Cops Buy Him Cake

A teenager in Thailand was caught speeding by some cops but they were surprised to see him crying as he explained that he actually felt so depressed because his family forgot his birthday. He felt like he should just go far away and accept whatever happens to him along the way.

Seeing that the young man was really feeling so bad and didn’t even thing of the danger he faces as he drives while crying hard, the cops decided not to give him a ticket. Instead, an officer named Kanokpan Putthapong asked him to calm down and made him sit on the sidewalk.

Photo credit: Kanokpan Putthapong / Facebook

They lectured him about the dangers of driving without a helmet and letting his emotions get the better of him.

The young man insisted that he wished to end his pitiful life because his family does not really care about him. He told the cops that he was hanging out at his brother’s condo unit but none of his family even greeted him the entire day – and it was already night!

Officer Putthapong went to the nearby convenience store and found a cake for the teen. Together with the other officers, Officer Putthapong sang him a happy birthday – and the impromptu party got the teen crying again! But this time, we’re quite sure those are happy tears.

Photo credit: Kanokpan Putthapong / Facebook

When the teenager had calmed down and enjoyed the cake with the cops, they let him go with just a warning plus some advice that he should not waste his life just because people forgot his birthday.

While family is important, he was told that he could always count on these cops if he experiences trouble in the future. Wow. Thanks to these police officers for saving this young man’s life and giving him a special cake to celebrate his birthday when his family forgot about it…