Team Kramer Shares Shock after Receiving Electricity Bill Worth Php79k

When Doug and Chesca Kramer built their house, they wanted to make sure that it would have everything they need. And by ‘everything’, the couple really had everything that anyone could ever dream of having in their house – including their own outdoor swimming pool, home theater, and an elevator!

For many of their fans, the Team Kramer house is the best one on the planet. It even has its own homeschooling classroom and play area. It also appears to be constantly kept cool by AC units all over the place.

But with great power [usage] comes great responsibility because Team Kramer would soon be shocked by their first electricity bill: Php79,000! Whoa.

Photo credit: Doug Kramer / Facebook

While they knew that their house is big and that it would require a lot of electricity to run, they were still shocked that the bill could reach this high.

I was in the kitchen and then I opened the Meralco bill really, really slowly. And then, lo and behold, PhP 79,000. I’m like, I think this was wrong. I think we made the house too big,” Doug recalled.

Photo credit: Doug Kramer / Facebook

Other people might have had a fit over the huge bill but Doug and Cheska quickly realized that it was simply the consequence of having a big house with lots of appliances and stuff that use up electricity. They tried reducing their consumption through better appliances. They used LEDs and installed inverter-type air conditioning units and refrigerators.

The biggest leap they took to save energy costs at home was to use install solar panels on their home.

Photo credit: Doug Kramer / Facebook

“The first electric bill which made me sit down and have cold sweat was PhP79,000,” Doug explained.

“So, I knew I needed to invest in something that would save me from my Meralco bills and what better way to do that than solar panels. Here’s a fun fact, ever since we installed our panel, we save PhP 30,000 on average every month.

Their bills are now down, with the lowest being Php23,000 on April 2020. Watch their video here:

Our first electric bill! 😳😭

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Posted by Team Kramer on Wednesday, June 17, 2020