Teachers Walk 3 Hours on Muddy Road, Just to Enroll Children Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home. Even the schools are being done at home this year, with parents becoming their children’s teachers.

A lot of parents are not happy about it, saying that it is the teachers’ job to teach the kids. They claim that the teachers are simply being ‘lazy’ this year and are not doing much. Yet many teachers are actually doing twice more work than they used to do!

Teachers are expected to create various learning materials for their students, both for online lessons and printed learning materials. There are also many who had to personally visit their students’ homes, especially the ones in far-flung barangays because the students are not able to enroll due to lack of gadgets and internet access.

Photo credit: Reporter’s Notebook / Facebook

For example, three teachers at Pugo Primary School in San Francisco, Quezon had to walk for over 3 hours along a muddy road, just to enroll the kids at the farthest sitios.

They first started out on a motorcycle, but the muddy roads made it impossible for the motorcycle to bring them any higher up the mountain. Thus, the teachers had to trudge on by themselves, barefoot because their shoes keep getting stuck in the mud.

Yet these dedicated teachers did not give up. It would have been easier for them to simply stay at home and prepare the modules for those who were able to enroll. That would mean lesser students to handle, too.

Photo credit: Reporter’s Notebook / Facebook

But they are concerned over the welfare of their students and actually hope that no one will be left behind this year, even if the COVID-19 crisis is making everyone study at home… Kudos to these wonderful teachers!