Teachers Use CRs as Faculty Room, Principal Files Several Charges Against Their Leader

In the Philippines, a lot of public schools lack facilities – many don’t even have enough classrooms for the students, or if there are classrooms, many don’t have enough chairs for all the students to be able to sit down.

At the Bacoor National High School in Bacoor, Cavite, the enrollment has spiked up so much this year that the school had to convert the faculty rooms into classrooms. With no faculty rooms to use, the teachers were forced to find ways to solve their problem.

Photo credit: Maricel Herrera / Facebook

A group of science teachers made use of the hallway near the toilets as makeshift faculty room while another group comprised of eleven teachers converted CRs as faculty room! Some of the cubicles were removed to make the place larger, while the other cubicles were left as is and were simply used by individual teachers as their own office cubicle.

Photo credit: Maricel Herrera / Facebook

The teachers used their own money to ‘renovate’ the CRs to convert the place to a faculty room, but there are still spots with toilet bowls that they only covered with cloth or even used as makeshift tables.

What made the teachers angry is that the principal had funded the extension for the school canteen, yet the faculty rooms were ignored.

Photo credit: Maricel Herrera / Facebook

Angry over this, faculty president Maricel Herrera posted photos on Facebook of their faculty room in the CRs – and this certainly angered a lot of netizens who said that teachers deserve much better than this!

But the school principal was angry at Herrera for posting the photos on social media, claiming this ruined the image of their school and the Department of Education (DepEd). Principal Anita Rom claimed she had no idea why the teachers chose the CRs as their faculty room because she had offered them the library or the social hall.

Photo credit: Maricel Herrera / Facebook

Ang sinira ay hindi lang imahe ng Bacoor National High School kundi buong imahe ng DepEd,” Rom angrily told reporters.

Ang faculty room is not mandated by the DepEd. Ang function ng teacher ay magturo at hindi magpahinga sa faculty room.

Herrera belied Rom’s claim, saying she was not trying to ruin the school’s image but was only pushing for a better place for the teachers to use as faculty rooms. She argued that if the principal could spend money for the construction of an extension for the school canteen, then money can also be allotted for faculty rooms, too.

Photo credit: Maricel Herrera / Facebook

Hindi ho kami pinilit pumunta dito pero wala kaming choice na puntahan kasi wala kaming pupuntahan,” explained Corazon Ber Ardo, one of the Science teachers using the hallway near the CRs as faculty room.

Rom has ordered the teachers to vacate the CRs and use the social hall as faculty room. However, she was so angry at Herrera that she is set to file various charges against the faculty leader, including cyberlibel, destruction of government property, and administrative cases.

But netizens are taking the teachers’ side!

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