Teacher’s Impressive Handwriting Goes Viral

How do you catch everyone’s attention? That depends on the job that you do, but for one teacher who recently went viral, it was in writing the lessons on the white board using her lovely penmanship.

A lot of people could not help but feel impressed with this young teacher’s handwriting. Many said they could barely read their own handwriting, but this teacher makes writing beautiful letters appear so easy.

Some netizens commented that the teacher wrote so beautifully that if they were the students, they would surely focus on their lessons – but might not want to erase the writings on the board!

Photo credit: Pinoyrant / Facebook

Others commented that they wished they tried to learn how to write better when they were younger, because it is too late now and they could no longer write this beautifully. Many also wished that all teachers had this kind of penmanship so that the students can be more motivated to learn their lessons.

Of course, there were spoilsports who claimed that the teacher just wanted attention and wrote in this manner to show off her handwriting to the students.

There were also others who pointed out that she made a mistake in the lesson because her instructions were written in English, yet the items listed below were sayings in Filipino! Some even made corrections to the instructions by translating it to Filipino.

Photo credit: Pinoyrant / Facebook

However, there were many who defended the teacher. They said that the teacher had a naturally beautiful penmanship which she didn’t have to brag about; she simply writes in that manner! Also, while others saw the English-Filipino error in her writings, it turned out that she didn’t make any mistake at all.

In the subject “21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World” for Grade 11 students, the medium of instruction is really in English but it tackles different languages from literature in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Sources: Pinoyrant / Facebook, Buhay Teacher