Teacher Shares Heartbreaking Note from Student Who Can’t Afford to Buy Crayons

These days, students in the Philippines don’t have to go to a physical school to learn their lessons because the Department of Education (DepEd) is implementing blended learning or online classes. However, students are still expected to study their lessons through reading the modules or attending online/live classes, work on their assignments, and submit necessary projects or performance tasks.

What is really sad, however, is that not all students can afford to buy all the necessary school supplies that they need to complete these lessons. Many can’t afford to even buy basic school needs like pencils, paper, and crayons!

Photo credit: Velcher Castillo / Facebook

Teacher Velcher Castillo shared the heartbreaking note that he received from a student who can’t afford to buy crayons. The teacher had assigned the class to create a design for a t-shirt that they had to draw on paper.

The students are supposed to color their design to make it look beautiful. However, one of the students was not able to do this. Instead of using the correct colors, the student wrote the names of the colors on the design and explained at the bottom, “Sir, wala po akong pambili ng krayola sorry po.

Touched by the student’s heartbreaking note and knowing that the young one most likely knows the correct colors, the teacher decided to buy a box of crayons as gift. He clearly understands that there are students like this one who are brilliant but are hindered by the lack of money to support themselves in school.

Photo credit: Velcher Castillo / Facebook

Don’t be sorry, nak. I understand you. Here’s a box of crayons for you. Keep up the good work! See you when this pandemic finally ends. God bless and stay safe,” the teacher told the student in the now viral post on Facebook.

He added, “Para sa bawat estudyante, isang mahigpit na yakap. Kapit lang. Laban lang. Tuloy lang. Magkikita kita muli tayo. Know that your efforts are valid and appreciated. Kahit na at kahit pa.

God bless to this young student and kudos to this kind teacher!