Teacher Motivates His Students with Pizza and Coke Float During Exams

Teachers are their students’ second parents. As they recognize this role, many teachers find ways to motivate their students to do better in their studies, as a stepping stone for a brighter future.

There are many different ways that teachers do to motivate their students, but one teacher recently went viral for the rather delicious way he inspires his students to do better in school.

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

‘Ser Jun’, whose real name is Arnulfo Burlas, Jr., went viral for the yummy food he gave his Junior High School class at the Immaculate Conception Archdiocesan School (ICAS) in Zamboanga City while they took an important exam.

How to motivate your students during exam?” the teacher wrote in his Facebook post, sharing photos of his class intently working on their test while the food awaits them on the teacher’s table.

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

Three large boxes of a rectangle-shaped pizza could be seen on the table, with Coke float awaiting everyone.

Teachers don’t get paid a lot; that’s a fact. Yet this teacher went out of his way to give his students pizza and Coke float to inspired them to do better in their test; isn’t that an amazing way to motivate the kids?

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

While some netizens joked that they won’t be motivated to answer the test well by this method because they would be thinking of the food than the test questions, many praised the teacher for going out of his way to treat his students and motivate them to do better in school.

Other netizens pointed out that these are not healthy foods and should not be given to students, but others told these spoilsports that kids don’t always have to eat healthy food because these treats are great, in moderation of course. It’s not as if the teacher does this every day!

Photo credit: Ser Jun / Facebook

What do you think of this motivation? Thanks, Ser Jun!

Source: Ser Jun / Facebook