Teacher Happily Shares Photos with Native Chicken She Received from Student on Teacher’s Day

During the celebration of World Teacher’s Day in honor of educators last Friday, a young boy gifted his teacher with a native chicken. The teacher was so delighted with the unique gift that this teacher had to post this on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

Talon Claude is a teacher at Banwalan Primary School, a small public school in General Santos City, southern Philippines. There are only three teachers in the school; thus, when Claude told her students to bring anything as gift for their teachers for Teacher’s Day, she encouraged them to pick the other teachers as recipients instead of her just receiving all the presents.

Photo credit: Talon Claude / Facebook

A boy named Legaspi asked if he could bring a chicken. Thinking the kid might want to give the chicken to the school head, she told him he could do that as long as he asks permission from his parents.

Three lang po kasi kami sa school so sabi ko bigyan natin lahat ng teachers kasi tatlo lang naman kami. Pili lang kayo sa amin. Nag-raise lang po sya ng question if pwede ba daw manok ibigay. I said yes pwede yan as long as bigay niyo from the heart at saka dapat ipagpaalam muna sa parents. Sabi ko kahit ano pa yang dalhin niyo okay lang. Wala silang na mention na name kung sino bibigyan,” Claude told SunStar Davao.

As they were preparing for the celebration last Friday, October 4, Claude was surprised when one of her fellow teachers told her a kid had gotten her a native chicken!

Photo credit: Talon Claude / Facebook

Na-shocked po ako. Haha sabi ko nga kala ko joke lang, yon pala totoo pala po. Sabi ng co-teacher ko ulamin nalang po daw namin, sabi ko ‘wag lang muna ma’am. E-document ko muna yan kasi first time ko pong makakatanggap ng manok,” Claude shared. “It means a lot to me.

So, she had some photos taken with her student as they posed with the native chicken he got her.

Wala yang flowers, chocolates, cakes and balloons niyo sa native manok ko! Hahaha..???? Thank you Legaspi. Pinaka happy teacher si Maam. It doesn’t matter how expensive or how cheap it is. It’s always the thought that counts,” Claude happily posted on Facebook.

Sweet, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Talon Claude / Facebook

The other students also brought fruits and other native gifts for their teachers, but Claude was truly amused with her native chicken…

Sources: Facebook / Talon Claude, SunStar Davao