Teacher Happily Makes Keychains as Christmas Gift, But Advisory Class Think Her Gift is Cheap

A teacher happily made keychains for her students as Christmas gift, but she was greatly dismayed when they rejected her gift and told her it was cheap! What an ungrateful bunch of kids! Tsk. Tsk. About 2 weeks before their Christmas party, Teacher Kathlene Jane Mendoza happily ordered keychains for her class, ironically named Grade 7 Humility. Some of her friends told her there’s no need for her to give the kids a gift, especially because they often give her headaches and a sore throat. But she loves her class, no matter how ‘pasaway’ they can be at times. She wanted to give them something as a remembrance and as a way to show her love.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Kathlene Jane Mendoza / The Summit Express

But her gesture was not appreciated by her class. They did not see her gift as a token of love, but ‘just a cheap gift’ that they could have gotten themselves!

I prepared these keychains two weeks before Christmas Party. I wanted to give them a gift as a sign of my love for them. My friend made these keychains possible for me. Yung iba nagtaka pa, kasi bakit ko pa nga daw bibigyan sila ng regalo eh sakit sila sa ulo, sa lalamunan. But still I want to give it,” Teacher Kathlene narrated. “Until the Christmas Party came, I gave them the keychains one by one. Some people said thank you.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Kathlene Jane Mendoza / The Summit Express

But you know what’s the most unforgettable thing they’ve said? ‘Cher, ito lang regalo mo samin? Kaya din namin bumili nito eh!’ You know what’s funny? I really expected that they would appreciate but it turns out that they did not,” the teacher added, hurt over what her class did. “And then I realized, no matter what you do for them, if they think it’s not enough it will never be enough…

While the gift might not be expensive, it came from the heart – and that actually makes it extra special. It’s not cheap, it’s priceless! It’s just so sad that her class did not know how to appreciate that…