Teacher Goes Viral for Impressive Disney-Themed Classroom She Paid to Decorate with Own Money

Teachers don’t really have a high salary compared with other professionals, yet many of them have to use money out of their own pockets if they wanted to do improvements in their classrooms. Sadly, because the improvements can be quite costly, the teacher is either left with a bare classroom or has a lively, colorful one paid from his/her own salary.

Carlanda Williams of Ayer Elementary School in Fresno, California, recently went viral for the impressive Disney-themed classroom she paid to decorate.

The school does not have a budget for major makeovers or to pay for the Disney stuff that Williams wanted to have in her classroom; thus, this young teacher decided to just go on with the renovations using her own money.

The decision to make a Disney-themed classroom was her choice, of course, but this teacher only wants to provide the best setting for learning to ensure her students get to have fun even while they learn their lessons in school.

The kindergarten teacher recently shared two videos of her Disney-themed classroom – and both went viral, especially after these were reposted by several sites and account where the video went more popular.

I LOVE THIS! And she most likely went into own pockets to do this for her students. HEROIC considering teachers don’t get paid much,” wrote StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) on his Twitter account.

Teacher deserve to be paid like college educated professionals. RAISE TEACHER’S PAY!

Posting with the handle @_MagicalTeacher, Williams shared some of the highlights in her colorful classroom. The magical walls have blue wallpapers with star prints and there were plenty of Mickey shapes all over the place.

Prints on the posters and markings on the walls had the easily identifiable Disney font. Lots of Disney stuff are also all over the classroom, providing Williams’ kids with plenty of exciting things to do throughout their class hours.

What’s impressive but rather heartbreaking is that she had to pay for all these stuff…

Watch the video here, Part 1:

Here’s Part 2:

Sources: Your Central Valley, Fres YES