Teacher Cuts Hair to Match Bullied Student Being Teased for Short Hair

While it is true that young kids are cute, innocent, and honest, sometimes they can be a little too honest – and they would directly tell you what they think, even if it can be quite insulting to the person receiving the harsh criticism.

At times, even little kids can get bullied by children their age. What’s sad is that many of these bullied kids think low about themselves; and this is something that they might bring as emotional baggage for the rest of their lives.

Understanding that, one teacher in Willis, Texas, recently went viral after going the extra mile for a kid being bullied in kindergarten.

Photo credit: Willis Independent School District / SunnySkyz

A kindergarten girl named Prisilla Perez had always been a bright and bubbly little girl who had a smile ready for everyone even at the start of the school year. She loved school and enjoyed playing with her friends.

But after she got a haircut recently, the little girl suddenly became quiet. She refused to play with her classmates and would just keep to herself.

Alarmed by the sudden change in her behavior, Teacher Shannon Grimm decided to investigate. She learned that little Prisilla is being bullied for her short hair. It was apparent that the other kids’ teasing is greatly affecting the young girl, but they had no idea about the impact of what they had done.

Photo credit: Willis Independent School District / SunnySkyz

So, Teacher Shannon decided to teach everyone a lesson that they would likely remember for a long time. The visual lesson started with Teacher Shannon cutting her hair to match Prisilla’s haircut. Then, she explained to the class that it was not good to laugh at someone just because they looked different.

To make Prisilla understand that despite what she experienced it’s not the end of the world and that many people still care for her, Teacher Shannon would bring her a new bow to wear each day. The two get matching bows, making the previously bullied girl feel extra special! What an awesome teacher.

Photo credit: Willis Independent School District / SunnySkyz

Teacher Shannon also nominated Prisilla for the “District Student of the Month” award for her bravery despite the difficult situation she was in – and the little girl won! The young girl was honored at the Willis Independent School District board meeting last February 11.

But after receiving her medal, the girl also had a sweet surprise for her kind teacher – a special medal for being her hero. Awwwwww.