Teacher ‘Congratulates’ Student for Getting Modules Damaged by Flood

These past weeks had been a big challenge to millions of Filipinos affected by the floods, lahar flow, landslides, and other problems brought about by the successive typhoons that hit the country. Quite a number of schools, homes, and various buildings were damaged by the many different calamities across many different provinces.

Some modules damaged by floods in Mandaue City; Photo credit: Vanessa Sieras / ABS-CBN News

What’s sad, however, is that there are people who don’t have compassion for those who lost their homes and belongings to these natural calamities. One teacher, for example, angered netizens for sarcastically ‘congratulating’ a student for modules that were damaged by the flood!

Michelle Barbaran’s child had asked the teacher if he was alright after the floods but did not expect the teacher’s reply.

Ok lang ako. Ano inuna nyo bang sinave any module? Para sa bayan para sa kinabukasan?” the teacher asked the student.

Sir hindi po, nabasa po ung modules ko,” the student replied.

Photo credit: Michelle Barbaran / KAMI

So, gusto mo icongrats kita? Congrats!” the teacher sarcastically replied, adding some party emojis to his reply!

Hurt, the student replied, “Sir, sinabi ko lang po kasi nagtanong ka po.

Netizens were furious at the teacher’s reply, especially knowing that the student’s family had surely secured themselves first amid the calamity. Many pointed out that in times like this, it is best for the family to think of their safety first.

Photo credit: Michelle Barbaran / KAMI

Of course, the learning modules are important for the students, yet these should never be a priority during times of danger! Just some weeks ago, a student and her dad had actually lost their lives after saving her modules at home, even if they had initially been safe at the evacuation center…

Indeed, the learning modules are important for the student’s future but these are not worth risking the students’ lives!