Taxi Driver Goes Viral for Bringing Wife with Dementia to Work Everyday

Can you imagine the love of your life getting sick and needing care 24/7 but you have to report to work everyday and there’s no one else left to care for him or her? It’s a difficult dilemma that’s hard to imagine but it’s a reality for a lot of people.

Many of them are forced to quit their jobs just to have someone to care for their loved ones but others have found a way to bring their loved ones to work.

Photo credit: CGTN

This is what a taxi driver in Beijing, China, has been doing for the last couple of years. The driver, surnamed Shen, had to bring his wife while he works because she was diagnosed with dementia and could no longer take care of herself.

Sadly, a lot of people just could not understand why Shen brings his wife to work and she gets to sit at the front seat, considering they pay him for the ride. Even if he explains that she has Alzheimer’s, many passengers choose to cancel the trip.

For this, Shen has a low rating on ride-hailing app, Didi; most of his customers simply cancel upon seeing his wife.

Photo credit: CGTN

This changed after businessman Cai Hongyan took a ride in Shen’s cab last week.

Please don’t mind my wife sitting next to me. She has Alzheimer’s so I have to take her with me,” Shen told a surprised Cai.

Instead of canceling the ride, Cai took it and began to ask Shen about his wife. He learned that Shen had been doing this for many years after his wife started having dementia.

Upon hearing that the driver often gets rides canceled due to his wife’s condition, Cai snapped a photo of the driver and his wife, sharing it on social media site Weibo.

Through the post, Cai hoped that he could raise awareness about the struggles that families have to deal with when someone in the family suffers from dementia. The post went viral.

Photo credit: CGTN

Soon enough, Didi announced that it would help the driver get his ratings back up. Didi also made changes to Shen’s ride settings to give passengers a friendly reminder that his wife has dementia that’s why he needs to bring her to work.

Cai’s plan worked. Aside from Shen’s rating going up on the ride-hailing app, most of his passengers no longer cancel the ride upon seeing his wife.

Source: CGTN