Sweet Photo of Supportive Grandpa Taking Video of Grandkids with Basic Phone Goes Viral

His basic phone might only have low resolution and low memory, but this did not stop one grandpa from happily taking videos of his grandkids as they performed at an activity in school.

This old grandpa would soon go viral, with many netizens wishing their parents and grandparents were still around, knowing they might also be as supportive as this old man.

The sweet photo went viral after it was shared by SMS Senior High Page, the official Facebook page of the school where this old man’s grandchildren are studying.

Taken at St. Michael’s School of Madrid, Inc. in Madrid, Surigao del Sur in southern Philippines, the photo shows an old man, proudly smiling as he watches his grandkids dancing. His small, basic phone captured the performance so he could watch it later – and perhaps show off to his friends.

Seeing the proud look on this old man’s face, a student (Facebook account Tinang Rada II) snapped a photo which was later shared on the school’s Facebook page.

Photo credit: SMS Senior High Page / Facebook – Tinang Rada II

The lovely moment made a lot of people smile, garnering over 70k shares and nearly 60k reactions from netizens. Everyone agreed that this is such a priceless, beautiful moment. Many commented that they were touched at how this grandpa truly shows his support to his grandkids, taking videos even though he only has a basic phone.

Other netizens suggested that they pool their money to buy this supportive grandpa a smartphone so he could have a better camera to use the next time his grandkids have a performance, but one of his children commented that their dad prefers his basic phone.

According to GrahCxa Cubero Broniola, their dad is always very supportive of his grandkids. He tries his best to be present at all activities – and he would happily snap photos or take videos with his phone. It might just be a basic phone but this old man is happy with it and would most likely have a difficult time using a smartphone.

So, the family thanks the netizens for offering the smartphone but said that their dad is alright with his basic phone. What a wonderful family; they are happy with their dad’s viral moment but aren’t taking advantage of netizens’ generous offer…

Source: SMS Senior High Page / Facebook