Supportive Husband Goes Viral for Being Adorably Confused Over Beauty Products for Wife

A lot of ladies enjoy putting on makeup or are required to do so because of their jobs. But most of the ladies buy their own makeup, knowing that guys don’t really know how to do it.

Still, there are guys who are just so sweet that they would go the extra mile to buy beauty products for their ladies. Just like this supportive husband who recently went viral for being so adorably confused over beauty products he wanted to buy for his wife.

Netizen Mary Angela shares a photo of the guy who was intent on taking photos of the different shades of blush-on and foundation that would match his wife’s skin tone.

Photo credit: Mary Angela / Facebook

He was unsure which of the products would look great on his wife, but wanted to get her some after learning that a store at the Gaisano Grand Citygate Mall in Buhangin, Davao was selling EB (Ever Bilena) and Careline beauty products for a promo price of just Php38.

Ang cute ni kuya. He was confused about what shade was for his wife so he just took a picture,” Mary Angela shared.

The guy was apparently too shy to ask around at the shop because most of the customers there were women. He was really just so confused over the many beauty products on sale but was also determined to buy something for his wife.

Lucky for him, one of the sales ladies spotted him and offered to help. Soon, he was able to get the right beauty products for his wife from the items on sale.

Some netizens are joking that the guy was probably looking of something to buy for himself but most netizens thought it was really so sweet of him to do this for his wife.