Student with Banana Leaf Notebook Impresses Teacher, Earns Praise from Netizens

Do kids still write down notes on their notebooks these days? Well, with most students having smartphones that can easily snap photos of their teacher’s lecture notes, many no longer write on paper. But one student recently went viral for copying his teacher’s notes, as instructed, but using banana leaves instead of a real notebook!

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon Lpt shared photos of her student at Lianga National Comprehensive High School in Poblacion, Lianga, Surigao del Sur.

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon Lpt / Facebook

Earlier, she had instructed the students to copy the writings on the board. They readily complied. But when she roamed around the class to check their notes, Teacher Arcilyn was surprised to see that one of her students was writing on a banana leaf!

It was clear that he came prepared with the banana leaf when he came to school. But it’s certainly not because he was trying to prank the teacher because the praised him for his ingenuity in making use of the banana leaves for his notes.

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon Lpt / Facebook

After the class completed copying the notes, they approached Teacher Arcilyn to have their notes checked. Just like the other kids in class, the boy also went to her table so she could check his notes.

Ma’am, please check my notes, too, so I can also have points,” the boy gladly asked his teacher. Proud that this young man is doing his best to find a solution to his lack of notebook, the teacher happily did so.

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon Lpt / Facebook

She also encouraged other students to make sure they exert an effort to write instead of just taking photos of their teacher’s notes.

Lesson Learned: To all the students who have notebook: Please, do EXERT AN EFFORT TO WRITE, instead of taking pictures. Or else (kay 21st Century naman daw) take a picture but don’t forget to WRITE it on your notebook.

Photo credit: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon Lpt / Facebook

Source: Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon Lpt / FacebookBuhay Teacher