Student Sells Fish, Works Odd Jobs to Fulfill Dream of Becoming a Teacher

Though it is a sad reality that so many young people are unable to finish their studies because they don’t have enough money to stay in school, it is also impressive to know of students who choose to work and earn money for their education.

Kevin Gayoso from Escalante City, central Philippines is studying at the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City located about 2 hours away from his hometown.

Photo credit: Kevin Gayoso / Facebook

This young man hopes to become a Sports Teacher – and he’s supporting himself by selling fish and working odd jobs. Isn’t that admirable?

Setting up shop outside Mejar Apartment beside Cokin Building in front of Bacolod City National High School in Bacolod City, this hardworking student sells fish, crabs, shrimps, seaweeds, and other seafoods to earn extra cash.

To attract more customers, he also posted about his business on Facebook, encouraging his friends to support him so he could fulfill his dream of becoming a Sports Teacher. The post was welcomed well on Facebook where it went viral. A lot of netizens admired his determination to fulfill his dream, even if that meant doing a literally smelly job like selling fish.

Photo credit: Kevin Gayoso / Facebook

Despite the difficult situation, Kevin is hopeful that many of his friends will show up to buy some of his fish. A lot of netizens also hoped they could support him by buying his fish, but they are simply too far away from Bacolod City. Still, many are praying for his success and that they could see him graduate someday.

Many netizens are also cheering him on, saying that he should not give up on his dreams even if he had to work much harder in the coming years.