Student Receives Mixed Reactions for Statement on Graduation Photo

The younger generations are sometimes called as the ‘woke’ generation. This means that they have perceived awareness of issues concerning racial justice and social justice. Often, these young people use social media to share their thoughts about various issues, especially regarding the government.

But their thoughts aren’t always met with positivity online, particularly because many people don’t agree with their political views.

Jejomar Contawe is an ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ who recently graduated with the course of Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Tarlac State University in Tarlac City, Tarlac in the Philippines.

As he posed for his graduation photo, Contawe showcased the many IDs and a trophy he received in school. Apparently, this young man is also a writer for his school publication, with a ‘PRESS’ ID included among the many he had around his neck.

Photo credit: Jejomar Contawe / Facebook

While many put various quotes or ‘hugot lines’ on the white boards that they show with the photos, this young man chose to use this spot to protest against the government. He is proud to be a scholar of the Filipino taxpayers’ money but refuses to acknowledge that he is a scholar of the “f**” government.

Though he is entitled to his own opinion and many say he could freely say what he wants because that is his freedom of speech, a lot of netizens were not happy that he would say this. After all, he was able to go to school because of the government’s scholarship!

Indeed, while the money from the scholarship comes from the taxpayers’ money as he wrote on the whiteboard, many netizens pointed out that it was the government who made everything possible for him.

Some netizens are petitioning that Contawe should be asked to reimburse everything he received from the government because he doesn’t recognize their help. But many also think it’s just something that’s to be expected of the ‘woke’ youth of today…